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The Mysterious Mansion – A New Coloring Book from Daria Song!

The Mysterious Mansion Buy from Etailer
by Daria Song
on November 2017

As many readers may know,  I have a coloring crush on Korean artist and illustrator Daria Song.

I adore her books  The Time Garden, The Time Chamber and The Present/The Night Voyage.    I was super excited to see that Daria is working on a new coloring book.        She has not named a title as  yet, but we have an appearance of the little girl and of course an intricate scene.    This drawing  she is calling Haunted Mansion which makes me wonder …if  Daria is inking up a Halloween coloring book.   Time will tell!

Here’s a peek of the sketch that Daria was working on from her Instagram feed.

The Mysterious Mansion seems to be the most intricate coloring book that Daria has so far produced.   The art work that she has been showing on social media for the last few months shows extremely detailed designs.   The little girl continues to make her appearance in this book.   In this book there will be two different cover designs – one I understand is a limited edition and may come with a bonus gold spoon for Korean residents.

In addition to the gorgeous pages to color, I believe that there are some extremely intricate and delicate paper dolls to cut out and play with!  Paper dolls always make me happy and I can’t wait to see them in the flesh!

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#미스터리맨션 양면커버로 선정된 #시간의방 소녀🕰 소녀가 거꾸로 흘러가는 시간 속으로 빨려들어가기 전에 풀어야할 미션은?! 방금 이 그림의 제작과정과 일화를 블로그에 포스팅했어요🖌 프로필에 있는 링크를 클릭해주세요👆🏻 . 앞으로도 미스터리맨션에 수록된 그림들에관한 일화를 하나씩 포스팅하겠습니다🎈 #아트북 #두뇌게임 #컬러링북 #송지혜작가 #신간 . #미스터리맨션 예약판매 이벤트 안내 온라인서점 (교보문고, 예스24, 알라딘, 인터파크도서)에서 예약판매기간 동안 도서 구입 시 혜택을 드립니다. 1. 초판 한정 더블커버 에디션! 사진 넘겨보시면 시계소녀 버전으로 커버를 바꿀 수 있게 양면 인쇄되어있어요:-) 2. 클래식 골드 스푼 (선착순 한정) . #예약판매 이벤트 많은 관심 부탁드려요🎈

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International colorists can pre-order The Mysterious Mansion here.    The Mysterious Mansion is due for release in December 2017 in Korea.   As far as I understand it, this will not be the limited edition cover and the bonus spoon, as that is only available for a short run in Korea.

You can also purchase the Korean edition of  the Mysterious Mansion here

If you are happy to wait, the good news is that an English publisher has acquired the rights to print the book.   As yet, there is no publication date set.  I will update the post when more information is to hand.


Happy coloring x



About Daria Song

Daria Song is an artist and author. She obtained a Masters Degree from Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Fine Art. She has exhibited her work all over the world. Her first adult colouring book, The Time Garden was a best seller. She currently lives in Korea.

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