Spectrum Noir Illustrator Markers Unboxing

Facebook Live Spectrum Noir Illustrator Unboxing

You can see the Facebook Live unboxing  when they were delivered above.

I have wanted a set of alcohol based markers for a long time. I have about 10 copic markers that are mainly in tones for skin and hair with a few shades of purple thrown in. My heart wanted the complete set of copics to add to the collection that I have, but my head and wallet said I needed alternatives.

I had dithered around thinking of alternative markers where I could buy the complete set without the risk of my credit card bursting into flames. Markers like Touch Five ProMarkerPrismacolor and Spectrum Noir Original Markers were all considered.    I had pretty well decided on buying the Spectrum Noir Original Markers.

That’s when I found out that Spectrum Noir were releasing a new brand of  marker under the Illustrator name.      From my research,  the Illustrator markers had the same features as copics, a dual brush that is fine at one end and a brush tip at the other.    In addition, the Illustrator markers are refillable and brush nibs can be replaced.      This makes them very good value in the long run.

The Spectrum Noir Original Markers  have a large of colors that total  168.    In comparison  the Illustrator set has 96 colors only at the time of writing.   I do not know if they have plans to add more to the range or not.

My thought process was that even with only 96 colors I would have a head start on having a full range of colors if I wanted to add in a few copics every now and again.   In the long run it might work out more cost effective for me as I am just supplementing a core range.

When I took the plunge to buy the Spectrum Noir illustrator markers it was about a month before Christmas 2016 and they had recently launched with a special on the bundle.    Of course, in Australia, everything is behind so I purchased mine in the UK had them sent to me.      After spending quite a bit of time in customs in Australia they finally arrived in January as a post Christmas present 🙂

The illustrator markers are sold as  4 sets of 12 markers and 8 packs that contain 6 markers in each pack.      These are named and based on current art themes.   According to Spectrum Noir
“they also work closely in tune with the color wheel and in turn the original Spectrum Noir coloring system”

Shown above are:

Spectrum Noir Landscape Spectrum Noir – Sketching Spectrum Noir  – Seascape 12 Pack Spectrum Noir – Figure

The Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers use the same numbering system as the  Spectrum Noir Original Markers for convenience.

The packs shown above are:

Spectrum Noir – Hues Spectrum Noir – Neutrals Spectrum Noir Illustrator – Earth Spectrum Noir Illustrator – Tones Spectrum Noir Illustrator – Essentials Spectrum Noir Illustrator – Portrait Spectrum Noir Illustrator – Basic Spectrum Noir Illustrator – Tints

One of the great things about the Spectrum Noir Illustrator markers, especially for a color challenged colorist like me, is that the 6 pack selection are sold tonally.     What that means is that each box contains colors that are of the same tone and should all work well together.     According to Spectrum Noir these packs are  “structured around the color wheel, allowing you to build up a balance of hues (via primary, secondary and tertiary colors) then the related tints, tones, neutrals and grays”

A review of these markers is on the way, this is just an unboxing to share with you the pretties.

Happy coloring x


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