As I am receiving a number of the same questions each day via message, email and social media and I’m running out of time to answer all of them, I have included the most frequently asked questions with my answer here.

Many of the questions that I receive should be directed to a publisher/seller or artist as they are the ones in a position to answer them, and have the resources and staff to do so.

Please understand that I do not answer questions that have already been covered in this FAQ.


Yes I do color.  I color like an enthusiastic color blind toddler.   You can see some of my colored pieces on Instagram.

Category: Coloring

No.    I like to color what I want to color and what I am in the mood to color.   That may be a book that I have just reviewed, or it may not be.   Quite frankly, I have a lot to choose from 🙂  If I feel that I have to do something because someone is asking me to, having this site will be a job rather than a fun hobby –  that’s not something that I want.

Category: Coloring

No.   I am not a colorist, I am a reviewer.    There are some great colorists online that provide free tutorials and you can also do paid coloring classes as well where you can learn more about your hobby.

Category: Coloring

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