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Ali the Fox – Draw A Fairy World For You

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Published by Dream Castle Style: Contains Extras, double page printing
Format: Dust Jacket, Glue & Stitched

Escape with Ali the Fox to a beautiful and quirky fairy world

Ali the Fox – Draw A Fairy World For You

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Ali the Fox – Draw A Fairy World For You Video Review

I hope you enjoy the video review of Ali the Fox – Draw a Fairy World for You a super cute Chinese coloring book.

Ali the Fox – Draw A Fairy World For You

When I was shopping one day at a Japanese bookstore in Sydney called Kinokinuya  I noticed that they were no longer stocking Japanese and Asian colouring books.  The staff told me that they were not big sellers!  They had some coloring books that they work clearing out.  Most of the colouring books that they had, surprisingly,  so did I 🙂

I noticed that there were two of these books wrapped in plastic in the Chinese colouring book section. As they were wrapped, I could not see what was inside to see if this was a coloring book and if it was something that I would like.     Regular readers will know if the book has a bunny rabbit on I am pretty well sold.

The cute little bunny on the cover of this book indicated to me that there may be  other bunnies inside, which is always a selling point for me.

When I came home and opened my new book  I was surprised at how cute it was and wished  I’d also bought the other remaining copy of this book. The book is not easy to  find which is why I wouldn’t mind another copy.

Cover & Layout

Draw a Fairy World for You shows the journey of Ali the Fox. Ali is popular in China and has its own YouTube channel where you can see the antics of this character.

The book has a laminate dust jacket which shows Ali the fox sitting on a mushroom reading a book titled “Dream Castle” (which are the publishers) cute characters look on.  I notice that a lot of the Asian colouring books show the start of a book with a character front view and the conclusion of the book shows the rear of the main character.    This book also has that feature which you can see within the book and on the dust jacket.   The back of the dust jacket features the rear view of Ali reading his book.

Undernath the dust jacket the glossy white cover also has the same line art as the dust jacket with you might enjoy colouring with alcohol markers.

When this video review was published on my You Tube Channel some weeks ago on, Kerry, kindly translated some of the wording for me.   The name of the cute little fox is:

  “Ah Li”, the first two characters on the front cover is his name in Chinese”  The first page says: “Fairytales are naturally magical, making your heart in full bloom, Ah Li is standing at the dream entry, waiting for you to run over there.” The next page says “Wishing together with you, to colour in the colour of happiness.”

It’s so nice when you know what the text means – thank you Kerry!

The book measures 25cm x 25cm.

Ancillary Pages

At the start of the book a thick blank page is present this would be a great spot to test out your markers and your other mediums.  An illustration of Ali  surrounded by a wreath of  roses follows. Over the page a small nameplate page is available for you to color in. The book commences with a cute illustration of Ali Fox  in a pot of flowers. The same illustration in rear view is at the back of the book to indicate the end of the book. An abridged version of the cover art  has been reproduced as a title page.

At the rear of the book there is a visual thumbnail index of the illustrations.  You will also find 2 pages of coloring techniques for Ali.     A doulbe page is at teh end of the book with small illustrations to color at the foot of the page.  This may be a good spot to work out color palettes or just write about your own fairy tales :


The illustrations have all been printed on both sides of the ivory medium weight paper. Although printing is both sides of the paper,  on the left side it is  a smaller image throughout.   On the right hand side of the book a larger illustration for colouring has been provided. All of the images have been orientated portrait style throughout the book.   There is only one double page scene in the book at the end to signify that the fairy tale has ended 🙁


If you love coloring cute and whimsical coloring books Ali the  fox may make you fall in love with him. This book is so adorablely cute that it is hard to resist.    We will find Ali throughout the book in many settings including  among  flowers cubby house, riding on birds back.  We will follow Ali in a fairy tale  world full of quirky  illustrations that is reminiscent of  Alice in Wonderland.   I only  wish I could read the  Chinese text throughout to see if this book has its roots in traditional fairy tales.    The big cat, the white rabbit and the Queen all scream Alice in Wonderland to me 🙂

There is a lovely variety of things to color in this book with cute animals, buildings, objects and flowers all represented.

The line art is a dull black and has a hand drawn appearance. All of the illustrations have been positioned well away from  the spine area of book. For colourists  that have minor visual impairment there are illustrations that have large open spaces.    My only niggle with this book is that I wish the line art was darker and more consistent throughout to assist the readability of the drawings.   Many of the drawings would really benefit from a bit of  background magic being added for  extra charm.

Ali the Fox – Draw A Fairy World For You Image Gallery

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Where to buy Ali the Fox – Draw A Fairy World For You

This book is quite difficult to source. I have listed below a number of places that stop at the time of writing this article.

Buy in the US here Buy in Australia here Etailer here – (I have not purchased from here before)


Happy coloring x






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