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Where’s Wally – The Colouring Book

Written by coloringqueen
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by Martin Handford
Published by Walker Books on 3 March 2016
Style: double page printing, Interactive
Format: Card cover with fold out

If you enjoy a challenge and want a colouring book to give you hours and hours of detailed colouring then look no further. Searching for Wally is always a challenging task but colouring and searching takes this to an extreme colouring challenge!

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Where’s Wally  Colouring Book Review

Fans of “Where’s Wally” that love to colour will delight in this “Where’s Wally” Colouring Book.    It is described as the “Ultimate Colouring Challenge” and from reviewing the pages I have to agree.   The book is presented as a glossy paperback.   It measures approximately 29cm x 23cm (11.4 in x 9in).   The cover folds out.  On the inside cover it is  plain gold, nothing to color here.  You could perhaps color the cover but I think you would need alcohol markers to penetrate the glossy cover.

Opening up, you will find a nice title page and a simple introduction.    The book is interactive like all “Where’s Wally” books.  First of all, you have to find Wally 🙁 It is even harder to find him in a black and white illustration 🙁 Then there are other things to find as well, including 28 pencils, a key, woof’s bone, Wenda’s camera, wizard whitebeard’s scroll and Odlaw’s binoculars.   Seriously, I think I would be lucky to find Wally let alone a key or other items.   There are parts of the book where you are encouraged to add in your own drawings or titles. I do like that the book has an introduction to the characters Wally, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw, Woof and Wenda.    All of these introductory pages can be colored and have a pre-printed light blue background.

The paper is quite good quality, thicker than most colouring books in that price range and smooth to touch.   The line work is black, crisp and clear and should be visible to those with minor visual issues.   The illustrations are printed on both sides of the paper and are all double page scenes.  Test your markers and other wet mediums on the introductory or rear pages to see if there is any bleed through.  The images are extremely detailed for the majority of the book and may cause frustration if you have visual issues or arthritis in your hands.

Where's Wally Colouring Book

Where’s Wally Colouring Book

The illustrations in the book are extremely detailed with several images being wall to wall detail.   This is the sort of book that you would not bother blending, shading or the like but just pick up your pencils and colour in solid blocks.   If you chose to detail out every image you may never be seen again from your coloring cave 🙂

Where's Wally Coloring Book

Where’s Wally Coloring Book

I would recommend using a magnifying lamp to colour with, if you have any visual issues.

The imagination and illustrations is a lovely combination in this book. I think if you just concentrated on one part of an illustration at a time (biting an elephant in small chunks) it could be a fun project. I like the variety of illustrations, book titles amongst people, an old style saloon and wagon (although I never thought the wild west was that crowded!) and castles amongst other things. Fortunately, there are a few double page spreads that have larger spaced illustrations to give a bit of variety and rest your weary eyes.

I am not usually a fan of pre printing in coloring books as I find that it limits your color palette. This is an exception. The book is so filled with illustrations that I am grateful that many of the double page spreads have a background or some imagery pre colored.

At the end of the book, you will find Wally is truly evil 🙂 when he provides a checklist of more things for you to search and find (and no answers for the original quests!).

If you are a fan of Where’s Wally and love detailed imagery and interactive coloring books you are going to have a great time with this book. I am grateful though, that a variety of illustrations have been included, particularly some with larger images.

Where’s Wally  Colouring Book Video Review

Enjoy the video flip through review of Where’s Wally Colouring Book below:

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I’d love to hear if you have coloured this book – please let me know in the comments below!

Happy coloring x



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