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Spectrum Noir Metallic Pencils & Markers Product Review

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Spectrum Noir create a large range of products aimed at the coloring community. In this review I am checking out the metallics range and using them on their popular Colorista Dark coloring pads.

Spectrum Noir Metallic Pencils & Markers  Product Review

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Metallic Colouring Pencils & Markers Review

This review is divided into two sections – one discussing the metallic multicolor markers and the other the metallic pencils from Spectrum Noir.    You can see my demonstration of these products and some tips, finished pages in the video above.

Spectrum Noir Multicolor Metallic Markers

Spectrum Noir make a range of markers for colorists including the lovely alcohol based Illustrator range that I have reviewed previously here.     As well as markers for general coloring Spectrum Noir also create speciality markers like their lovely sparkle markers for adding a touch of bling to the page and these lovely metallic based markers.

Spectrum noir metallic markers and pencils

Color swatch metallic markers and pencils

The metallic based markers come in packs of 6.    At the moment, the range is limited in colors but I am sure they will add to the range over time.   At the time of writing, there is the Multicolor set that I have and the Precious Metals set (golds and the like).

Unlike other metallic markers these markers are made from real liquid metal and not mica as is often the case.     They are water based as well which means that you can add water to create further effects.    You can see my demonstration in the video above.

Each marker has a dual tip with a small tip one end and a brush the other.  This makes it easy to use the markers for fine details and larger coverage.   The color name and each brush tip icon is printed on the barrel.  The marker color is dipped on each end cap making them easy to find.

As the markers are metallic they are best used on a dark base like the Colorista Dark pads that I used.    The dark base really allows the markers to pop with a lot of contrast on the page.

A more subtle and elegant look though is achieved when you use them on a lighter background.  You can see how I used the markers on the white foil Colorista pads.


These metallic markers can be used on non-porous surfaces.   I used mine on paper and glass in the demonstration.  You can also use the metallic markers on fabric however it is not washable.    You would only use them as a fabric marker if you were framing the item behind glass for instance.

User Experience

Coloring with the metallic markers is super easy.   They are great to color solid areas and for use as an accent on your coloring pages.    The markers are very juicy and there is no difficulty having a consistent flow of fluid on the page without any pooling.

Spectrum Noir Metallic Markers on Colorista Dark Pad

As well as using on their own the ability to add water to the markers makes them very versatile.    Adding water produces a nice subtle sheen which is great for a wash or just to add a little sheen.  You may need to practice with the water activation to get the look that you want to achieve with the markers.

Layering & Blending

You can lightly blend with the markers but as they dry very quickly you have to move fast and it may not always work out the way that you intended from my experience.   My testing found just adding a few light strokes and then very quickly coming over the stroke with a complimentary color produced the best effect.   I was not able to layer or blend the markers as you would colored pencils, but that is to be expected.  Another look I liked was lightly adding a little marker over pencils and very quickly dissolving it with water to give the image a little sheen.     Remember to practice first on some test paper and see what you can achieve.

Spectrum Noir Metallic Pencils

Spectrum Noir make a range of  colored pencils for the coloring community.   There are the Colorista colored pencils and the Colour Blend pencils that I have reviewed previously.   In addition to these general pencils, Spectrum Noir has also created the specialist metallic pencils to add a little bit of metal sheen to your colored pages.

Pencil Specs

The metallic pencils come pre-sharpened in a tin set of 12 with a range of colors that is similar but not the same to those in the metallic marker range.  The tin is very well designed and moulded to fit the shape of the pencil tip to avoid breakage.

Each pencil has the name on the barrel.  The twelve colors in the range are pink, purple, violet, light blue, blue, yellow, green, gold, silver, mica, rose gold and nickel.  To my knowledge, you cannot purchase smaller sets or open stock of metallic pencils.

Spectrum Noir metallic pencils

User Experience

The metallic markers are very easy to use.  They are wax based which makes them ideal for combining with other wax-based pencils that you may have.

Color lays down on one layer as you can see from the video demonstration.  You can also add multiple layers and blend the pencils together.

You can use the metallic pencils on their own to add accents or a little metallic sheen to an image.  My favorite way of using metallic pencils is by combining them with other pencils that I have.    I like to add a layer of normal color pencil and then add shading with the metallic pencils over the top.     Any brand of pencil can be used, but always test first on a scrap of paper.   I used Prismacolor, Polychromos and Spectrum Noir Colour Blend.

Spectrum Noir metallic pencils, coloured pencils and metallic marker Blue Topaz for accent

To soften the whole look and produce a smooth finish I like to use my Spectrum Noir blender marker (or any blender marker will do) over the top.   This combines all the layers and produces a soft look which you can see in the video above.    This tends to work best on the light colored paper rather than the dark pad.

The other way that I like to use the metallic pencils is on their own and then soften by adding a little water on a brush over the top.   This produces a very soft look that is free from any pencil marks.   It tends to work best on a light colored paper.   You can see the video demonstration where I used this technique on the Colorista foil pads.   You can also use the pencils to add a little sheen to your work by coloring larger spaces and adding water to create a wash of colour.


The metallic pencils are easy to sharpen to a fine point without any special sharpener required.    The sharpener that I was using in the video is a Bruynzeel and is one of my most used sharpeners.   Once sharpened, the pencil maintains the point for a long period of time.

Where to buy

In the UK and Europe, you can purchase Spectrum Noir products from the  Crafters Companion website.   In the US you can purchase from Crafters Companion.

You can also purchase Spectrum Noir products at other online stores.    For Australians, Craft Online has a small range of products available.   I purchased my Spectrum Noir metallic pencils from this Australian craft shop.

You can also purchase metallic pencils from Amazon here


You can purchase the metallic markers from Amazon here


You can purchase the Colorista dark pads from Amazon here


Happy coloring x

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