Jazzing up your Coloring Pages with Washi Tape

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Washi tape is a colorful craft or masking tape that has multiple purposes.   Because it is low tack (not as sticky as masking tape) it’s great to use on cards, journals and scrapbooking projects.   It also offers colorists and crafters a lot of variety.    You can purchase washi tape made from different mediums like rice paper and in different sized widths and lengths.   The thing I love the most about washi tape is that it comes in such a variety of colors and patterns.    You can choose  plain colors, stripes, dots, bunnies, wood look alike, glitter, velvet just to name a few.

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I  have so much washi tape that I was having trouble storing it.   Luckily,  Mr Muscles grabbed an Ikea curtain rod and some cup hooks and now I have a washi tape roll.   You can purchase washi tape dispensers but I prefer to save my money for more washi tape!

51gnNzIZAqL - Jazzing up your Coloring Pages with Washi Tape

This photo was taken last year ….there’s quite a lot more there now 🙂

Usually,  I purchase my washi tape in bulk lots 10 or 20 rolls at a time as it works out more cost effective.   As they are quite light weight often the shipping is free or low cost.      Speciality rolls that use a different medium or have an unusual design are usually purchased in store at the craft shop,  discount store or Kmart.

611nYM4rWsL - Jazzing up your Coloring Pages with Washi Tape

How to use Washi Tape on Your Coloring Pages

Quick Border

Often our coloring pages may need a little perking up.    You  may not feel like doing a background or the picture would not suit a background.    This is where washi tape comes in handy.    You can use it to add a border to a design simply by cutting off a length and arranging on the side.    As the tape is low tack, you can readjust it to achiefve the look that you are looking for.

Some washi tape is very sticky and more of a medium to high tack.   You can reduce the tackiness by placing the tape on your clothes, skin or work surface and removing it a few times until it is less sticky

Mixed Media

Often you may find in your coloring books that sometimes the artist leaves an outline for you to doodle your own art.     Personally,   I prefer the artist to do all the drawings in my coloring books so these pages are often left blank by me.     Rather than leaving them blank I can use washi tape to create a quick and easy colorful page that does not require me to doodle.

More often than not,   there may be a page where some of the elements may have more open space than others.   These type of pieces are ideal for adding a little bit of decorating with washi tape.   You get to play around with the tape to produce a look that you are comfortable with, which would also be difficult to obtain with coloring mediums.

Adding some mixed media to your coloring pages allows you to learn new things and create new looks for your pages, with very little effort.

If you have a minor visual impairment this is also ideal as you can be free and carefree with your art piece and it generally always looks great.

decorating coloring pages with washi tape

The coloring page from Anne Manera was decorated with washi tape for the birds and grass and markers for the mosaic sky

The video above shows how I created this cute washi tape decorated coloring page.

Step by step summary:

What you will need:

  • craft knife
  • self healing cutting mat
  • washi tape
  • coloring page

Choose your coloring page and the elements that you wish to use washi tape on

  • Choose a few different patterns and colors of washi tape that will complement the balance of your colored page.
  • Tear off or cut the washi tape to the desired length
  • Apply the following strips with a slight overlay to ensure it sticks
  • Press the washi tape down on the area you wish it to stick to and trim with a craft knife to size
  • Readjust any strips as necessary,  it can be lifted with the tip of your craft knife or fingernail
  • Admire  your creativity

I hope you are inspired to use a  little bit of washi tape in your next coloring project.

Happy coloring x


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