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Hishika Minamisawa’s Coloring Book Review

Hishika Minamisawa's Coloring Book Style: Paper: Medium to Heavy, single page illustrations
Format: Glue Binding
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A stunning coloring book beautifully illustrated in anime/manga style

Hishika Minamisawa’s Coloring Book Review

Hishika Minamisawa’s Coloring Book  Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of  the Japanese coloring book –  Hishika Minamisawa’s Coloring Book

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Hishika Minamisawa’s Coloring Book  Review

I fell in love with this coloring book the moment I set eyes on the cover.  The front cover with the little bunny toy of course, stole my heart but the back cover with the reverse position of the bunny holding the little girl toy sold me.

When you fall in love with a coloring book, sometimes the coloring budget suffers and in this case it did.     This book was more than I usually pay for a coloring book and shipping costs but I had to have it.     Unlike some love affairs,  I’m more in love with it now than when I first seen it.   My only regret is that the coloring book budget could not be stretched to buy two of this gorgeous book.

For those that are adverse to shipping (I don’t blame you),  there is not a digital edition of this coloring book but there are digital coloring pages that you can purchase from the artist.

Cover & Layout

The cover is a matt lightly  textured card  which appears to have a pearl sheen to it.   The cover is all colored and only those with great eyesight would notice the title printed at  the bottom right of the picture.

Hishika’s coloring book measures 29.8 cm x 12cm approximately.

Hishika Minamisawas Coloring Book 4734 768x1024 - Hishika Minamisawa's Coloring Book Review

Ancillary Pages

A plain title page starts the book.   This would be the best place to test out  your mediums on the paper.

At the back of the book, the last page features the back cover art with copyright information.   This would be a good spot to test out blends and blending techniques before diving in.

Hishika Minamisawas Coloring Book 4736 709x1024 - Hishika Minamisawa's Coloring Book Review


Illustrations have been printed on one side only of the off white, faintly textured, medium/sturdy paper.

There are 26 full page illustrations to color in the book excluding the Ancillary Pages.

All of the art work has been orientated portrait style within the book and is well positioned and centered.

Hishika Minamisawas Coloring Book 4737 699x1024 - Hishika Minamisawa's Coloring Book Review

Art Work

The art work is all manga / anime style which has been delicately and elegantly drawn in crisp black ink.   the line art is a fine, dull black and the images are very detailed.

This is not a coloring book for those with a minor visual impairment unless you are prepared to use a magnifying lamp and take your time.   There is a lot of small detail on the illustrations that would be challenging.

All of the art work is beautifully drawn within the book with that lovely feeling of  being both mature and cutesy at the same time.

Colorists can enjoy coloring a wide variety of young girls all with different facial expressions and hairstyles.   The artist is adept at drawing clothes and many of the outfits are elaborately detailed.     I always tend to notice hands in coloring books, especially books like this featuring so many sweet girls.   Often the hands seem disproportionate with the delicacy of the facial features, but in this book the artist has done an outstanding job.

As well as the gorgeous girls you will also find cute toys to color, flowers, birds and animals.

Hishika Minamisawas Coloring Book 4738 741x1024 - Hishika Minamisawa's Coloring Book Review

Detail Level


Where to buy Hishika Minamisawa’s Coloring Book

UPDATE:  As at February 2018 you can purchase this book from Alice Books.   Alice Books ships internationally and it is a much easier system to buy this book (and I suspect cheaper).   I have purchased from Alice Books before and not had any difficulties.

You can buy it from Alice Books here.

At the time of writing, this coloring book is not sold outside of Japan.  In order to purchase the book you either need to have a friend buy and send it to you or use a buyer’s agent.    I used a buyer’s agent.     There are two buyer’s agents that you can use Tenso or Buyee (which I believe are both owned by Tenso.


When using Tenso you need to register and provide photo id that must exactly match your registration details.  This will be manually checked and you may have to correct things (I left out my middle name and had to rectify that so it was exactly the same as my passport and drivers licence).     The checking process can take a few days.     When you use Tenso they will provide you with a Japanese address to ship to the products to for a fee.    You will use that Japanese address when checking out from the artist’s store.     Tenso will then ship the book to you with their range of shipping options.     The shipping, insurance, agent’s fees, storage fees etc are all in addition to the cost of the book.


The other option is Buyee which I used and have used them before when I purchased my Holbein pencils for one.    You will need to register with Buyee but you do not need to go through the photo id process of Tenso.     When you use Buyee you install a browser extension which adds it to buyee.   Buyee will then purchase the book on your behalf (and debit your credit card with the fees).    The book will then be posted to Buyee’s warehouse and they will then ship it out to you depending on which shipping option you selected.    Buyee are excellent at keeping you informed via email of the process.

Hishika Minamisawas Coloring Book4735 658x1024 - Hishika Minamisawa's Coloring Book Review

At the time I purchased my coloring book I believe that the total of the book, agency fees, insurance and shipping was $50AUD and the book arrived in approximately 6 days to Australia.

As always, this is only my experience,  please do your own due diligence and see if this purchasing method is right for you.

Please watch the whole of the video to see the purchasing process.


Happy coloring x


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