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Het enige echte Dikke Dames kleurboek voor volwassenen

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by Julia Woning
Style: double page printing
Format: Card cover, Glue & Stitched

They are cheerful, cuddly and colorable. These voluptuous characters are the creation of artist Julia Woning and provide a lot of coloring fun.

Het enige echte Dikke Dames kleurboek voor volwassenen

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Dikke Dames Coloring Book Video Review

I hope you enjoyed the video review of Dikke Dames Coloring Book

According to Google Translate the English translation for this Dutch coloring book is “The only real Fat Ladies coloring book for adults”.     Please note, I’m not into fat shaming, particularly with all the Christmas cheer I’m carrying from several Christmases ago.       It’s a fun, cute and quirky coloring book and I love it.  I hope that no-one finds the English translation offensive. 

Dikke Dames Coloring Book Review

According to my Amazon account I purchased Dikke Dames on 22 July, 2016!  Wow!   That’s a long time for these ladies to be sitting on the shelf!  I adore quirky coloring books and the cover of  Dikke Dames immediately attracted me with the tiny heads on the cuddly bodies.      The absence of facial features increased the quirky appeal for me, where the clothing, background and other elements become more important than facial detail.

Cover & Layout

The cover of Dikke Dames is what first enchanted me about this cute coloring book.     The glossy card cover with the assortment of cuddly characters and bright colors is very appealing to me.     A similar image has been used for the back cover of the book.

A red spine complements the bright and bold colorss that have been used on the art work.

Dikke Dames is handbag sized, measuring in at 17cm x 17cm ( 6.8 in x 6.8 in approximately).

Ancillary Pages

A plain text title page commences the book.   This would be the best spot to test out your mediums and color choices.  Over page a patterned title page with copyright information on the reverse, can also be used for color testing.  The art work for the book is on the reverse however.


Dikke Dames coloring book has illustrations printed on both sides of the white, light/medium quality paper.    All of the illustrations have been orientated portrait style.   There are four pages in total that comprise double page scenes within the book.

The bulk of the art work in the book has been positioned so it is a smidgen away from the spine (2 or 3 mm).   There are a couple of pages that do have line art running to the spine in the book.   The binding is very good making it easy to fold the book flat after a few uses.

Approximately half of the images have a thin black border around them framing the picture.

Dikke Dames Coloring Book Images and Illustrations

The illustrations in Dikke Dames are all distinguished with the same style of people,  tiny little heads with oversized features like moustaches or glasses.    These cartoonish characters are drawn in a number of settings beach, tea parties, enjoying music, golfing, baking and reading.

Throughout the book you will find one page with a detailed scene featuring the characters and on the facing page there may be an image from that scene or related to the scene, on its own.    This is a cute way of giving variety to the illustrations without resorting to pages of filler and patterns.

The line art within the book is black and crisp and very easy to see.     There is a lovely range of complexity of images within the book that makes it appealing for new colorists and colorists of all ages.    Approximately half of the book has images with large open spaces that are suitable for those with visual impairment or health issues that make coloring tightly packed detail challenging.     The balance of the images do have a fair amount of detail with backgrounds and other elements, all within  a small page.    If the details were too much for you, many of the images could be colored with a color wash and still look lovely.

Julia Woning is a very well known artist and illustrator. You can see how some of the Dikke Dames look in this promo video and also see more of Julia’s coloring books and artwork.   Julia not only  creates quirky and humorous art like her “Fat Ladies” series but also beautiful animals and portraits.

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Detail Level


Where to buy Dikke Dames Coloring Book

This Dutch coloring book is not widely available and is often out of stock.    If you see a message saying that it is out of stock, you can usually sign up to be notified when it is available.

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