As I am receiving a number of the same questions each day via message, email and social media and I’m running out of time to answer all of them, I have included the most frequently asked questions with my answer here.

Many of the questions that I receive should be directed to a publisher/seller or artist as they are the ones in a position to answer them, and have the resources and staff to do so.

Please understand that I do not answer questions that have already been covered in this FAQ.


Yes I do color.  I color like an enthusiastic color blind toddler.   You can see some of my colored pieces on Instagram.

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No.    I like to color what I want to color and what I am in the mood to color.   That may be a book that I have just reviewed, or it may not be.   Quite frankly, I have a lot to choose from 🙂  If I feel that I have to do something because someone is asking me to, having this site will be a job rather than a fun hobby –  that’s not something that I want.

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No.   I am not a colorist, I am a reviewer.    There are some great colorists online that provide free tutorials and you can also do paid coloring classes as well where you can learn more about your hobby.

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Coloring Book Reviews

Artists should read and complete the details here Get Featured. Please note that I have a large amount of books to review in my backlog and only have capacity to review a limited amount of books that I like and feel that my audience will like.   Browse around my site, get to know me and see if your book would be a good fit for the things I like.

You  may like to read this article as that will answer all the questions that I am prepared to answer.   Please understand that it takes a lot of time for me everyday to work on this blog and do everything else that I need to do in order to maintain this site and various social media channels as well as earn an income.

Out of all the books that I own I’ve bought the bulk of them myself out of my own funds.    I have been fortunate that a few publishers have provided me with books to review which totals  to about 10.   If the book has been provided by the publisher or artist direct, that is disclosed in my review and does not affect my opinion of the book.

If a publisher or artist has provided a book for me to review and I have agreed, it is because I am pretty certain that I will like the book based on my knowledge of the art and research that I have already done.    I have no  desire to review every book on the market – only the ones that I like.

Coloring Books

I give away book prizes for specific giveaways that I purchase myself. All colorists are welcome to enter these giveaways and be in the running to win a coloring book.

As I collect my coloring books

    I do not give away books from my own collection

. I receive messages every week from people hinting at and suggesting I send them my books that I am not using. For the record, I find these messages quite time consuming and offensive.

Colorists on a budget are always able to source coloring books from discount shops, random acts of kindness run by several coloring book groups, charity and goodwill stores or download free coloring pages provided by artists. A list of artists that provide free coloring book pages is here and there are many others.

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The drop down menu for the Print Works Marketplace is in a number of languages (Swedish/German) and not necessarily English.     This makes it very confusing when you are an English speaking buyer only.     Have a look at some of the names and try and find one that resembles your country.    Copy or type out the name and pop over to Google Translate and see if that translates to your country name.

If you are unable to find the name of your country then email Print Works Marketplace for assistance with adding your country to their list.


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First of all,  time to take a deep breath.   In the world of printing, mistakes can happen – it is not a perfect system by any means and there is a massive amount of printing being done.   People that work in the printing industry like coloring book artists and publishers understand that these things can happen.

All you need to do is let the seller of  the coloring book know that what the problem is.   Is the paper not as advertised?  Are there half printed images or images printed incorrectly?   Have the pages been cut removing the picture?  Whatever it is,  calmly contact the seller of the book and explain the problem.   You should take photos to demonstrate the issue as well as often they are far more descriptive at showing the issue than just words.     If you purchased the book from Amazon – contact Amazon, if you purchased it from Book Depository – contact Book Depository and so on.

Now sometimes, you may notice that a number of your coloring friends have the same issue with the book that you are experiencing.     What this means is that generally a whole print run has had a mishap like here  rather than a “one off” problem.   In these circumstances,  you should contact the publisher so they can issue a press release and replace the books.  The publisher’s details are to be found on the inside cover of the coloring book usually or thereabouts.

Understand that artists and publishers that sell coloring books want you to have the coloring book that you ordered, and they understand that these printing issues happen.   If you contact them, you will find that they will be happy to replace the book.

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If I have reviewed a coloring book, the links to purchase it are below the video and top and bottom of the blog post.   Usually, I mention where I purchased the book from if there are a number of  options.

I spend a lot of time researching online and in store different coloring books and artists before I buy a book.  I do this to ensure that I am not disappointed with my purchase and that I will be able to review a book that I feel confident a number of my audience will enjoy.

I never switch off the coloring book hunt.   Once I have the scent of a coloring book I fancy I track it down like a terrier.    Often in Australia, that is difficult as many places do not ship internationally.   So far there’s only been a few coloring books that have escaped my clutches.

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I really cannot answer why books are priced at the amount that they are and that is a question that you need to ask the publishers.   You should consider that different binding methods, paper, country of printing, ink and country where the book is printed fees all play a role in the final list price for the book. Fortunately, as colorists we are blessed with a range of coloring books at all different price points so we can choose one that suits our needs and budget.

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Please note that a lot of  countries use a comma (,) instead of a decimal point (.) when they display currencies.     Do some research on the currency of the country and I am sure you will find a more favorable outcome.

Zemlja Snova Coloring Book

If you are trying to order the popular Zemlja Snova coloring book you will find that the above applies and the price will be about $20-30.00 depending on currency exchange.    Please note that the Croatian book store selling this book has now gone out of business.   The publishers,  Fokus  have now  set up a marketplace to sell the book and you can purchase it from here.

Please do not ask me what I paid for a certain coloring book. I have about 800 of them and do not have time to look up receipts and try and remember when/how I paid for them and work out currency exchanges etc.

Personally, the most expensive coloring book that I own is Carovne Lahodnosti (about $60 with shipping to Australia) and worth every penny.

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For my own giveaways I select and purchase the coloring books and pay for them out of my own funds.  I have seen that other reviewers are supplied with books to give away from publishers but I have not experienced that myself.   The only exception to this is  the giveaway for the beautiful Carovne Lahodnosti where Klara Markova provided one book. I then hosted another giveaway for Carovne Lahodnosti and purchased that book prize myself.

Coloring Contests have been introduced in 2017 and the featured artist for the contest is supplying the book prize.

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It depends on what day it is.

I never liked mandalas that much, but after going through some stressful times at work last year I found them very comforting.

I love whimsical coloring books and anything cute in general but appreciate great art even in books like Beauty of Horror which are not cute and whimsical at all lol 🙂  I really don’t have a favorite book because I have too many gorgeous books!

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I’m not really sure to be honest.   You can see what I had in my collection as at November, 2016 (of course it has grown since then lol).    This is a four part 2 hour video …so you may want to take your time lol



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Have you watched the video tutorial I created here on ordering from overseas sites?

If so, and that still does not answer your question, the best way would be to contact the artist or publisher.   Their details can usually be found online and on social media sites.

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The best way is to go to the cart and convert the currency to either  your own currency or a currency that you are familiar with.    You can then decide if you wish to proceed with the order or not.  You can use an online currency convertor like this popular one that has live rates (bear in mind though that the seller may not be using the same rates).


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