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Aug 07 2020

2020 Coloring Challenge


This is a challenge that I’ve set myself for the rest of the year.  I would love it if you joined in as well.    My purpose in setting this challenge is to make sure that I continue to learn and stretch myself out of my comfort zone.

My challenges are to color one page at least in a book using:

  1. just one color family (example all pinks)
  2.  pointillism
  3.  sepia color scheme
  4. a metallic color scheme (gold, brass, silver etc)
  5. randomly selected color palette from my color palette page
  6. combine a craft with a coloring page

Often I am scared to color in my color books.     It seems strange as a grown-up woman to be frightened of a book ha ha!   There are some books that I have been wanting to color in but I’m intimidated.   Time to get over that.   Here are the coloring books that I want to color at least a page in this year:

  • Worlds Within Worlds – Kerby Rosanes (Note:  I have started doing the background (Yay me!)
  • Fairy Celebrations – Klara Markova.    I love this book so much!   I have started coloring a picture in it but I am frightened to finish it.   Usually, I buy one English edition and one Czech edition of Klara’s books.    I haven’t got my back up Czech up edition for this one though.  I think that’s why I’m a bit terrified to proceed further – no plan B ha ha.
  • Animal Fantasy Season  – This is a cute Japanese coloring book that I just adore!  I actually have two of these books so it’s time to take the plunge!

There are also some techniques that I would love to learn or improve on to increase my confidence and expand my coloring repertoire.   Here are a few things that I would like to learn how to do this year:-

  • coloring metal effects
  • improving techniques for coloring fur
  • taking the plunge and coloring some feathers
  • gemstones and crystls
  • improving coloring hair.    I struggle with curly hair in particular so I hope I can work on that.   I would also love to color some different color types – I tend to stick to brunette!
  • coloring a darker skin tone.   I tend to stick with a light skin tone as it is the one that I am comfortable with my colored pencil selection.   Time to take the plunge and learn more!

I’ll be sharing the results of my challenge throughout the year with you on Instagram and YouTube.     If you decide to do one or more of these challenges I’d love to hear about it!

Happy coloring x


The event is finished.

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