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Coloring Books New Releases – November – 2016

My monthly round up of coloring books to be released that I am looking forward to

Coloring Books New Releases – November – 2016

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November is  going to be a busy month with a lot of new coloring book releases.  All our lovely artists and publishers will be trying to tempt us to do some spending for the holiday season.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all coloring books being released.   Bear in mind, that there are hundreds and hundreds of books being released every month.   I cannot possibly keep up with all of them!

This list of new releases is only books that have taken my fancy, and that I think that you may like as well.   Due to the high cost of postage for most readers, this list will usually not include International releases.

Many  of these books I will be reviewing as part of my coloring book reviews.    Those books will marked with an ** after the title.

Please also bear in mind that different countries often have different publication dates.    Something may be released in the US earlier than in the UK or vice versa.

If you know of a new release that  you think I may be interested in leave a comment in the comments area below.

Nordic Wilderness

Claire Scully one of the illustrators well known for The Menagerie, The Aviary and The Aquarium coloring books will be releasing Nordic Wilderness on 8 November 2016. This book promises ” wild landscape of the Nordic Wilderness”. You will find animals and plants native to the area and there is also a perforated fold out scene within the book.


In the US you can buy Nordic Wilderness here.

The Dr. Seuss Coloring Book**

Dr. Seuss fans it’s time to relive your childhood!  On the 1 November 2016 the coloring book for children and adults will be released.      The books promises a variety of different levels of complexity in the images.    The illustrations are based on your favorite Dr Seuss books including “iconic images based on pages from such titles as The Cat in the Hat, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, The Lorax, and Horton Hears a Who

Pages  80

In the US you can buy Dr Seuss Coloring Book here

Love Between the Lines Coloring Book

This is a different sort of coloring book.  It is a coloring book about books!   Inspired by romance novels the artist has doodled 45 illustrations for you to color.   The book is interactive with hidden things to find along the way.   Some of the writers that she has been inspired by include ”

Pages 96

In the US you can buy Love Between the Lines Coloring Book here.

The Mysterious Library: A Coloring Book Journey Into Fables**

This is a gorgeous coloring book by Korean artist Eunji Park.    The rights to the original Korean version were obtained by an English publisher to produce this book in English for the English market.    The Mysterious Library tells the story of a young girl who discovers a library in the forest.     Through this library she is transported into a world of all our favorite fairy tales.


In the US you can buy The Mysterious Library English Edition here.

Great British Bake Off Colouring Book

Fans of the popular GBBO television series can discover their secret coloring baker side with this new coloring book.   Color your way through sweet treats without gaining a pound!   There are 90 illustrations throughout the book and they are not all cakes and slices with some variety being offered with pictures of animals and kitchen style scenes.

Pages: 96

In the US you can purchase the Great British Bake Off Coloring Book here

The Pocket Moomin Colouring Book

Moomin fans will love the portability of the smaller sized coloring book to be released on 3 November 2016.    Inside you will find ” striking patterns and scenes as well as all your favorite Moomin characters and their most memorable quotes. Including all your favorite scenes from The Moomin Colouring Book”

Pages:  80

In the US you can buy the Pocket Moomin Colouring Book here.

The Official Poldark Coloring Book: A Coloring Adventure in Cornwall

Fans of the Poldark TV series now have another way to enjoy their favorite tv series.    You can grab a coy of the Poldark Coloring Book and start coloring your way through the 45 images and “enjoy the characters and setting they have come to love in a more dynamic way than ever before”

Pages: 96

In the US you can purchase the Official Poldark Coloring Book here

Creative Haven Fanciful Foxes Coloring Book

Those folks at Creative Haven have been very busy for November.   They are releasing quite a few titles this month.   The one that caught my eye is Fanciful Foxes by one of my favorite coloring book artists, Marjorie Sarnat.      If you are familiar with Marjorie’s work it usually consists of a particular animal as a t heme which are then richly decorated with designs for you to color.      The theme for this book, is of course, foxes.     I haven’t see that many foxes in coloring books and it is nice to see this little animal getting a whole book dedicated to them for colorists to enjoy.     I quite like foxes 🙂

Pages:   64

In the US you can purchase Fanciful Foxes by Marjorie Sarnat here.

Lonely Planet The World’s Cutest Animal Coloring Book

Regular readers will know that I adore Lulu Mayo’s artistic creations of the “million” series of books.      Lulu has illustrated this cute coloring book for Lonely Planet which is marketed at kids but those cute images can be colored by all ages.  I am totally in love with the cute animals inside this book (there are 22 in total).    On the “look inside” there’s a bunny!   I think everyone knows that if there is a chance of a bunny being in a book I’ll want it 🙂  I hope Santa is listening!     The book is also educational.   At the end of the book is a map and information on where all those cute and cuddly critters can be found throughout the world.

Pages: 48

In the US you can buy the Lonely Planet The World’s Cutest Animal Coloring Book here.

The Bridge Series Adult Coloring Book

New York Times Best Selling Author, Meredith Wild in conjunction with illustrator Jessica Hildreth have created a coloring book for adults based on the popular Bridge series.   The publishers blurb promises ” The 48 unique designs illustrate some of Meredith’s favorite scenes, quotable quotes, and beloved characters from On My Knees, Into the Fire, and Over the Edge. Bring New York City and many of your favorite Bridge Series scenes and characters like Cameron, Maya, Darren, Vanessa, Will, Ian, Olivia to life”.

Pages: 48

In the US you can buy the Bridge Series Adult Coloring Book here

Color Me Delicious Adult Coloring Book

The folks at Readers Digest have produced a coloring book with extras.     From the images inside the art work looks cute and whimsical.  There are “128 creative coloring pages, included you will also find 20 bonus color your own recipe cards and 24 color your own gift tags”.    It seems like it would make the perfect gift for a colorist that likes to cook.

Pages: 128

In the US you can purchase Color Me Delicious Adult Coloring Book here

Together: A Mommy + Me Coloring Book

There are a number of books made for sharing and coloring together with a child being released this month.     Together is illustrated by “Stacie Bloomfield from … children’s brand Gingiber …These illustrations are sweet enough for children but smart enough for adults, and the book contains one coloring page for you and one coloring page for your child!”  There are 52 illustrations in total (26 of each) which are removable for framing.    You will find a variety of animals from both land and sea to have fun and enjoy coloring time with.

Pages: 112

In the US you can purchase Together:  A Mommy & Me Coloring Book here

Magical Delights Colouring Book : Published in Czech as Carovne Lahodnosti **

One of the most beautiful coloring books to have made an appearance this year is Carovne Lahodnosti by Czech illustrator and jewellery designer, Klara Markova. THe book was initially only available from the artist’s store. However, a shipment of these books ahs been sent to Amazon UK for dispatch. The book is not available through Amazon US.

Pages: 96

In the UK you can purchase Magical Delights Coloring Book here.

Terry Pratchett Discworld Artist’s Edition

Fans of Terry Pratchett will love the artist’s edition of works. It contains 20 hand picked fan favorite illustrations printed on good quality paper for framing.

Pages: 40

In the UK you can purchase the Artist Edition of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld here

The Flower Fairies Colouring Book

Cicely Barker has been producing Flower Fairies coloring books for a number of years.   She appears to have changed the presentation of her books for this edition.   The new change in cover design really looks stunning and and gives her work, already beautiful, an extra dash of elegance and fairy dust.

There are 45 illustration to color in this fairy themed book.

Pages: 96

In the UK you can purchase Flower Fairies here.

I could have added a lot more coloring books here as there are a number of coloring books for adults being released in the lead up to Christmas but I have to draw the line somewhere!   I think we can agree that there is a lot to look forward to with something for everyone.   Until next time.

Happy coloring x
















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  • Hi Lea, quite a list again. Just a quick question, is the 25 best coloring blogs supposed to do something? I clicked on it and nothing. Always like seeing what other people are doing. Love your pinterest boards too. thanks as always for sharing.

  • Hi Lea, I’m following your coloring book reviews, thanks for helping me with your flip throughs and I love your colored pic too. I’m wondering if you can do a flip through the book Inky christmas by Hellen Elliston? . THANKS.

    • Sadly, I won’t be reviewing Inky Christmas 🙁 I only had a small budget for Christmas coloring books (the Swedish coloring books blew my budget!) and that was spent on Johanna’s Christmas x 2 and One Million Christmas Cats and another Christmas ornaments book. I am sure that someone will review Helen’s book, so keep an eye out in the Facebook groups, or even ask Helen if there is a flip through she has created. Happy coloring x

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