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Calling All Simona Candini Fans

Simona Candini announces coloring book

The Alexi Era Gallery describes the art of Italian artist, Simona Candini as "...embody a beautiful yet sometimes dark world inhabited by big eyed girls and improbable creatures. With a stirring of emotions translated onto each new work of art, Simona brings her love of the old fairytales and childhood imaginings to us in a unique and poetic way."

This year is shaping up already to be a great year!    There are some fantastic coloring books coming out that I’m looking forward to but this news really made my day!

I love Simona Candini’s art work,  those big eyed girls and mix of pop surrealism just seduces me.    A few weeks ago,  I was cruising her Etsy store and discovered a gorgeous Betty Boop print (made sure hubby seen it too with my Birthday fast approaching).   While I was there,  I had thought of messaging Simona Candini and asking if we could possibly hope for a coloring book.     I didn’t, because  I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t be the only one that has asked her and I got a little distracted looking at said Betty Boop print 🙂

Simona Candini Art Work

If  you have not heard of  Simona Candini or are unsure what her work looks like,  have a look at the Instagram pics below or visit her Instagram profile.

Little Red Riding Hood is certainly looking good

❤Happy Valentine Day My Darlings❤ #valentineday #valentines #redridinghood #bigbadwolf #love

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Her artwork is cute, it can be sexy, there also can be a dash of creepy ..but whatever it is, it is always interesting and imaginative

There’s a real beauty and depth in her big eyed girls that I find captivating

#moreprints! ☺

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There’s Betty!

#Prints! 🙂

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Simona Candina Coloring Book Announcement

When I seen this post on Instagram last night when Simona Candina announced she was creating a coloring book …I nearly cried with excitement.   I’m super excited about this coloring book….and can’t wait for it to be released!  I hope she doesn’t keep us waiting too long!

You can visit Simona’s shop here.    The coloring book is in progress, so don’t expect it in her Etsy shop for a little while yet.  I’ll certainly let you know when it is available!

Happy coloring x


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